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Trailer Talk: ‘Truth’

Posted in: Trailer Talk, Trailers  |  By: John Hanlon  |  September 24th, 2015
Truth Photo

The first trailer for the new drama Truth shows Oscar winner Robert Redford as CBS anchor Dan Rather preparing to launch one of the biggest stories of his life. The story: a 2004 report about Bush’s military service that would ultimately seal his demise as a news anchor.

What’s to Like:

The real-life story seems like it would work perfectly in the cinematic world. There’s politics in it, cialis 40mg an inside look at the news-gathering business and a perfect anchor (pardon the pun) in Robert Redford, who previously starred in the classic political drama All the President’s Men.

What’s to Dislike:

The film’s screenplay was adapted from the memoir by Mary Mapes (played by Cate Blanchett), one of the key players in the scandal. Mapes resigned in the wake of accusations about the falsehood in the show’s reporting. The film could really struggle if it didn’t try to balance her accounts with a more objective point of view.

Our Verdict:

Robert Redford seems like odd casting here (as Dan Rather, of all people) but there’s a lot to like about the look and feel of the trailer. I’m holding out hope that director/screenwriter James Vanderbilt is fair in his accounting here. The movie is called Truth, after all, so any deviations from the facts could undermine it.

Release Date: October 16th,2015