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Thor Ragnarok Review

Thor Ragnarok | Film Review

Thor: Ragnarok showcases a new look for the heroic title character and I’m not talking about the short haircut the hammer-wielding Avenger sports in the sequel. The fresh look reveals Thor to be a humorous and a self-aware character, whose charm...

Truth Review Poster

Truth | Film Review

It’s hard not to be apprehensive when a film about controversial true events — based on the book by one of the key figures in those events — is named Truth. The title makes it seem like it offers a final and objective view of the events in...

Truth Photo

Trailer Talk: ‘Truth’ | Blog

The first trailer for the new drama Truth shows Oscar winner Robert Redford as CBS anchor Dan Rather preparing to launch one of the biggest stories of his life. The story: a 2004 report about Bush’s military service that would ultimately seal...

Cinderella Poster

Cinderella | Film Review

Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella is an extraordinary film. The director, buy more about famous for bringing so many Shakespearean plays to the big screen, here brings an undeniable charm and elegance to the proceedings— making this familiar story...