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MacGyver Trailer

“MacGyver” Trailer: CBS reboots the beloved series | Blog

Charlie’s Angels. The Fugitive. Dragnet. All of those were well-known television shows that were rebooted to ill effect. In fact, website because the reboots were so short-lived, ill-conceived and easily-forgettable, few people remember that...

This is Us Trailer

New Show Trailer Setting Records: Could NBC have a hit? | Blog

There aren’t that many inspirational shows on television. Nor are there are a lot of shows about the importance of family. NBC previously offered dramas like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood that were both inspirational and family-oriented...

Scream Queens Photo

Trailer: Scream Queens | Blog

“I’m gonna be honest. I hate sororities and I hate you,” so states Jamie Lee Curtis in the new trailer for the new Ryan Murphy television drama Scream Queens. The Fox anthology show is still a few months away but it’s already...