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“The Nice Guys” Reviews: Critics take on the new comedy

Posted in: Must-Read Reviews  |  By: John Hanlon  |  May 24th, 2016
The Nice Guys Reviews

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling’s latest comedy isn’t scoring big numbers at the box office but it has become a critical darling. In fact, rx The Nice Guys reviews are extremely positive with the film receiving much praise for its two lead actors. Set in the late 1970s, order the film features the two main characters investigating the disappearance of a young adult film actress (who reportedly died in a car accident).

At this writing, information pills the feature has a 90% fresh rating on

Check out a few of the must-read The Nice Guys reviews below (and make sure you check out our own review here).

Christopher Orr, “The result is a somewhat uneven movie, but one that, at its best, offers an intoxicating ride.” Check out the full review here.

Jackie Cooper, “The film features some fairly good acting, a few laugh out loud script moments, and an acceptable look and feel for the seventies. Put these all together and they should spell hit movie, but they don’t.” Check out the full review here.

Mark Hughes, “[T]he point isn’t trying to connect the dots for ourselves — the point is to go along for the ride, and enjoy the characters interacting and reacting.”Check out the full review here.

Brian Tallerico, “[T]he two actors become a surprisingly brilliant comedy duo, carrying ‘The Nice Guys’ past a few flat jokes, needed edits and a cluttered finale.” Check out the full review here.

Pete Hammond, “[T]he pair has a nice comic chemistry that unfortunately at times is drowned out by the non-stop carnage cranked up to the loudest of levels.” Check out the full review here.

Eric Kohn, “Ultimately, ‘The Nice Guys’ offers just enough of those punchlines to carry it through an uninspired plot. It’s trapped between the idea of a jokey noir and the occasional fulfillment of that promise.” Check out the full review here.

Kurt Loder, “In updating Raymond Chandler’s lowlife Los Angeles to the garish 1970s, the picture recalls the famously muddled plot mechanics of Chandler’s The Big Sleep—it’s sometimes baffling, and it doesn’t seem to care.” Check out the full review here.

Nell Minow, “Gosling’s comic timing is pure pleasure, especially in a gem of a scene where he juggles a lit cigarette, a magazine, and a gun, with his pants down.” Check out the full review here.

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, “The Nice Guys is funny enough when it sticks to its heroes—whether pinned in a tight spot or bickering with each other—that its less-than-compelling intrigues and digressions come as an acceptable trade-off.” Check out the full review here.

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times: “Crowe and Gosling save the day. They both look like hell for most of the film, with neither actor demonstrating a wisp of vanity as they throw themselves into this cheerfully nasty mess.” Check out the full review here.

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