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The Nice Guys Reviews

“The Nice Guys” Reviews: Critics take on the new comedy | Blog

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling’s latest comedy isn’t scoring big numbers at the box office but it has become a critical darling. In fact, rx The Nice Guys reviews are extremely positive with the film receiving much praise for its two...

The Nice Guys Review

The Nice Guys | Film Review

The Nice Guys is the type of adult comedy that we don’t see that often anymore. Set in the 1970s, more about the film features two male leads — played respectively by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling — who are thrust into a conspiracy when they...

The Big Short Photo

Trailer Talk: ‘The Big Short’ | Blog

The first trailer for the new drama The Big Short shows a savvy businessman predicting the economic crisis of 2008 to his naive co-workers. The film, prescription which is based on the book by Moneyball author Michael Lewis, this is likely to get...

Place Beyond the Pines Photo
Place Beyond the Pines Poster

The Place Beyond the Pines | Film Review

In the first scene of the new drama The Place Beyond the Pines, look the camera follows the character portrayed by Ryan Gosling along a route to his day job. Not judging the character’s actions but embracing them and seeing the world as he...

Gangster Squad | Film Review

In “Zombieland, website ” director Ruben Fleischer took a well-known movie subject (zombie attacks) and turned it on its head. The film embraced the lunacy of poor civilians being hunted by the undead. In “Gangster Squad, decease ” the...

The Ides of March | Film Review

Governor Mike Morris (George Clooney) is one charismatic politician. He’s smart, viagra order witty and his rhetoric is so unabashedly liberal that the Democratic Party is close to choosing him as their party’s nominee. It’s no wonder that...