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Box Office Report: “Captain America: Civil War” dominates in opening weekend

Posted in: Box Office Report  |  By: John Hanlon  |  May 9th, 2016
Box Office Captain America Civil War

The box office report for Captain America: Civil War‘s opening weekend is in and the results are pretty tremendous. The film dominated at the box office earning an estimated 181 million dollars. The movie opened lower than Marvel’s The Avengers and the sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron but it still had the fifth largest biggest domestic opening of all time.

Add to that huge number is the fact that Civil War opened last week in several international markets so thus far, the film has earned over 670 million dollars worldwide.

Civil War didn’t have any major competition over the weekend but several films continue to thrive in theaters including The Jungle Book, which fell to second place after three weekends in the top spot. The three new movies that opened last weekend weren’t so lucky with Mother’s Day falling to the third spot (despite the fact that Mother’s Day was this weekend), Keanu falling to the fifth spot and Ratchet & Clank plummeting into the seventh spot.

Next weekend, these films will face off against George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ new thriller Money Monster, one of the ten films we can’t wait to see this month.

Here are the estimated weekend grosses of the top five films (according to

1. Captain America: Civil War— $181.8 million
2. The Jungle Book — $21.9 million
3. Mother’s Day — $9.0 million
4. The Huntsman: Winter’s War — $3.6 million
5.  Keanu — $3.1 million

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the big winners at the box office and a few of the big losers.

Loser: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Universal’s The Huntsman fell to the fourth spot at the box office. Facing fierce competition, the movie has sadly only grossed 40 millions dollars domestically in its first three weekends. The problem for the drama though is that its budget was reportedly 115 million dollars.

The film’s overall box office numbers are helpful. Worldwide, the film has earned approximately 150 million but considering that the original movie earned approximately 400 million dollars worldwide, this is a definite disappointment for Universal. Variety has even reported that the film could cost its studio 70 million dollars.

Winner: Captain America: Winter’s War

It’s true that this third Captain America chapter didn’t earn as much as some predicted but it’s hard not to be thrilled with the box office results. Although this chapter included a great many of the Marvel heroes (including Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man), it wasn’t an Avengers film. This was a Captain America movie and its opening numbers are higher than the entire domestic box office run of the original film.

Despite competition arriving over the next few weekends, the film should have plenty of room to grow in the future.

Loser: Ratchet & Clank

With withering reviews, this animated feature never really took off at the box office.  It earned less than five million during its opening weekend (last weekend) and thus far has earned less than 8 million domestically. Inspired by a Playstation video game series, the story never really had the chance to take off and considering that it didn’t offer anything truly unique, the film’s buzz has been nearly nonexistent.

It didn’t help that the family-friendly feature opened when The Jungle Book was really dominating the competition.

Winner: The Jungle Book

In its fourth weekend in theaters, Disney’s The Jungle Book fell out of the top spot at the box office. On a reported budget of 175 million dollars, the film has already earned more than 280 million dollars domestically and over three quarters of a billion dollars worldwide.

The movie has been so successful that Disney is moving forward with a lot more live action family tales including a sequel to The Jungle Book (with director Jon Favreau already on board) and a Maleficent sequel, according to Variety.