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Summer 2016 Box Office

Hollywood’s Summer Slump at the box office | Blog

It’s late July and the 2016 summer box office results are disappointing, approved to say the least. Find out why in our analysis below. Hollywood is having a rough summer at the box office. In fact, approved it’s been a terrible year for...

Box Office Captain America Civil War

Box Office Report: “Captain America: Civil War” dominates in opening weekend | Blog

The box office report for Captain America: Civil War‘s opening weekend is in and the results are pretty tremendous. The film dominated at the box office earning an estimated 181 million dollars. The movie opened lower than Marvel’s The...

The Huntsman Winter's War Review

The Huntsman: Winter's War | Film Review

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) was a surprise success story. The film was packed with strong special effects, view a joyfully over-the-top villain (played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron) and a compelling story.  The sequel The Huntsman:...