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The Five Worst Movies of 2011

Posted in: Worst of the Year  |  January 1st, 2012

Looking over my list of the ten best movies of 2011, dosage they all seem to have one quality in common: intelligence. Those films may have focused on a variety of subjects– ranging from Marilyn Monroe and Moneyball to politics and Paris– but they all were smart about the their own subjects.

On the other hand, thumb the five worst movies of 2011 all lack the insight and smarts that was so evident in the ten best movies. The subjects of these five films may be sophomoric, stomach but these stories had potential and wasted it. The screenwriters often chose complacency over competence and made inferior films because of it. Let’s hope that none of these clunkers ever receives a sequel.

5.) Our Idiot Brother: Paul Rudd is wasted in this inane comedy about a stupid sibling who ultimately brings his family together. If you think watching a stupid character meander through life isn’t a waste of time, this film could be for you. Otherwise, avoid “Our Idiot Brother” like the family in this film should have avoided their own sibling. Click here for my full review.
4.) The Change-Up: Using a formula that has worked before isn’t enough to merit a bad rating. Abusing that formula with tasteless and crude humor is, though. In this body-switching comedy, the screenwriters decided that the two men at the heart of the story (Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman) should have their bodies switched after they both urinate in a public fountain together. And the story doesn’t improve from there.
3.) Shark Night 3D: Some people may think I pick on horror films because I often include them on my five worst list. Piranha 3D, however, showed that a formula like Shark Night could work. Both movies focus on a group of people who are attacked and killed by a group of underwater monsters. Piranha 3D was fun and engaging, but Night was neither of those things. With boring characters and ridiculous action scenes (one of which includes a one-armed man fighting a shark), this was a night worth forgetting. Click here for my full review.
2.) New Year’s Eve: This movie was just plain lazy. Did it have a cast that could bring audiences to the theater? Yes. Did it have a quality director at the helm? Yes. Did it have a script that created any interesting characters or anything that actually felt “real?” Nope. “New Year’s Eve” is all about starting over. That’s what the producers should have done after seeing the script for this lame by-the-numbers comedy. Click here for my full review
1.) “Creature“: I think I was one of the few people who actually saw this movie in theaters. That’s a good thing. This horror flick about a monster that chases after teenagers in the woods was badly filmed and terribly acted. It was also disgusting to watch with its incestuous back story and its sick premise. By far, this was the worst movie of 2011.
Dishonorable mention: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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