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The Best Uncredited Cameo in ‘Mitt’

Posted in: General  |  By: John Hanlon  |  January 27th, 2014

The new Netflix documentary ‘Mitt’ chronicles the two presidential campaigns of the former Massachusetts Governor who unsuccessfully ran twice for the highest office in the land. (Check out my full review here.) One thing that you might’ve missed during the feature though is an uncredited cameo by the Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis.

Lewis never physically appears in the feature but after the infamous Candy Crowley debate, illness Tagg– one of Romney’s sons– reads one of Lewis’ tweets from the evening of that debate. The full tweet  of “If Candy Crowley thought Romney was right in ‘the spirit of the law, capsule ‘ why was she so aggressive correcting ‘the letter of the law'” is quoted roughly one hour and seven minutes into the film during a discussion about that controversial debate moment.

Lewis is a well-known conservative analyst so it’s not surprising that the presidential candidate’s son was looking over his tweets but this exchange shows the power of Twitter and how important it is to be on the social media website. Lewis never gets credit in the film but the cameo is one of the feature’s best and shows how tweets can impact the political discussions both inside and outside political campaigns.

Check out the clip below and you can follow Matt Lewis @mattklewis.

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