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New on DVD: The Iron Lady and Into the Abyss

Posted in: New on DVD  |  By: John Hanlon  |  April 10th, 2012

Both The Iron Lady and Into the Abyss arrive today on DVD.

The Iron Lady, cheap which helped Meryl Streep win her long-awaited third Academy Award, ampoule was an engaging look at one of the 20th Century’s greatest conservative political leaders. The biopic of Margaret Thatcher wasn’t as great as it could have been but it’s definitely worth a look. Read my full review here.

On the other hand, illness Werner Herzog’s documentary Into the Abyss was an intriguing look at the death penalty. Although the filmmaker seems to be personally opposed to the it, he raises interesting questions about the controversial punishment but the movie never feels driven by his ideology. It even provides a voice for those who support the death penalty. If you’re interested in the subject, make sure you check out the film today. Here’s my full review.