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Monday Spotlight: Uzo Aduba

Posted in: Award Shows, Emmy Awards, Monday Spotlight  |  By: John Hanlon  |  August 25th, 2014

At the Emmys this evening, medicine Orange is the New Black is expected to have a good night.

The Netflix dramedy will be competing for best comedy series, hospital outstanding lead actress in a a comedy, information pills outstanding supporting actress in a comedy, outstanding writing for a comedy series, outstanding directing for a comedy series etc. But the truth is the show is already a winner. Not only was it recently renewed for a third season but it’s already won TWO Emmy awards.

One went to Jennifer Euston for casting the show and the other one (the first Emmy awarded to the series) went to the previously-unknown Uzo Aduba for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series. Aduba, who vied against two of her co-stars for the award, was presented the award a few days ago at the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony.  Aduba plays the fragile but excitable Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren on the program and has only seven credits to her name according to the Internet Movie Database. Four of those credits are for short films, one is for a guest appearance on Blue Bloods, one is for an upcoming movie (her first) and the other credit is the role that has now earned her an Emmy and a look in this week’s Monday Spotlight.

Here are three fun facts about the actress:

1.) Aduba was planning to leave the acting business when she got the OITNB job. According to, she stated the following (before the Creative Emmy ceremony) “All I can hold onto today is this idea of the day I got this job, I was leaving this business, I had quit and now I’m at the Emmys, and I’m nominated for an Emmy, and my show is nominated, and my cast-mates are nominated.”

2.) If Aduba was being sent to an actual prison and could smuggle in something, she would– according to—  attempt to sneak in “sour cream & onion pringles. Because once you pop you can’t stop!”

3.) According to, her mother “immigrated from war-torn Nigeria to give her children a better life.”

This wonderful actress has gone from an unknown to the first Emmy winner for Orange is the New Black and her star is only going to rise from here. That’s why she’s earned our Monday spotlight.