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Monday Spotlight: Michael Che

Posted in: Monday Spotlight  |  By: John Hanlon  |  September 15th, 2014

On Friday, generic it was announced that Cecily Strong would be replaced by comedian Michael Che on Weekend Update, approved a weekly feature on NBC’s long-running Saturday Night Live.

Che, cheap a rising comic, has only seen his profile rise in the last several months with his recent stint on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (a show which has notably launched big names like Steve Carrell, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert). Che will be facing a lot of pressure on SNL (as will the show itself, which has made several dramatic changes over the past few months) when it premieres next week. Che will also become the show’s first black anchor, according to

The 40th season of the show premieres on September 27th with guest host Chris Pratt but in the meantime, here are three fun facts about Michael Che:

1.) According to, The Daily Show only served as a brief launching pad for Che. An article about the young comic notes that he was only on that show for three months and appeared in only seven sketches during his entire tenure there (one such sketch can be seen below).

2.) Che already has a lot of experience with political humor (a mainstay of Weekend Update). According to a article calling him one of the ten comics to watch in 2013, “Che attracted attention [in 2012] with ‘The Realest Candidate,’ a web series in which he purported to be a Mitt Romney operative and recorded a hysterical rap video touting the overlaps between Romney’s economic platforms and materialist hip-hop obsessions…”

3.) Che, which is actually the comic’s middle name, was named after Che Guevera. According to, the comic  noted, “My dad is a huge history buff, and he named me after Che Guevara cause he loved Che Guevera for whatever reason.”

Che is a quickly rising star in the field of both comedy and entertainment and has earned his place in our Monday spotlight.