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Monday Spotlight: Brenton Thwaites

Posted in: Monday Spotlight  |  By: John Hanlon  |  August 11th, 2014

You may not know who Brenton Thwaites is right now but you will soon enough. If you’ve been in a movie theater over the past several months, here you’ve probably seen him on the big screen.

In April, site he shared painful memories of a mysterious mirror in the horror film Oculus. In May, he was asked to awaken Sleeping Beauty in the family-friendly Maleficent. In June, he was mysteriously kidnapped in the sci-fi drama The Signal. And now in August, he’s about to have his biggest role yet starring in The Giver, an adaptation of the beloved Lois Lowry novel.

In that new film, Thwaites stars as Jonas, a young person chosen to become the Receiver of Memory in his secluded community. He’s the main character in the film but he’s supported by an all-star cast including three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges. The movie arrives in theaters this Friday and is likely to bring renewed attention to the 24- year old actor.

In the meantime, here are three fun facts about the actor:

1.) In 2010, he was in a reboot of The Blue Lagoon entitled Blue Lagoon: The Awakening. According to a CNN article,if he was stranded on an island, he would want to be stranded with John McEnroe “we could make tennis rackets out of the palm trees and play tennis with the coconuts. And he would get so angry, and it would be so entertaining up close.”

2.) If he was stuck in a Community like the one in the Giver, the thing that he would miss most is coffee, according to a Huffington Post interview*. (*Awesome answer)

3.) If four movies a year doesn’t sound like a lot to you (it should!), Thwaites has a fifth one called Son of a Gun coming out this fall where he plays a bad boy and stars opposite Ewan McGregor.

Make sure you check The Giver in theaters this Friday but in the meantime, check out the trailers for some of Thwaites’ other 2014 films below.

This star is about to have his biggest moment so far and that’s why he’s earned our Monday spotlight.