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5 Biggest Moments of this week’s ‘Game of Thrones’

Posted in: General  |  By: John Hanlon  |  May 16th, 2016
Jon Snow Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones provided viewers with a few huge moments this week including a long-awaited moment between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. Not only that but this fourth episode of season six also featured an unlikely alliance and one leader rising up (once again) against her powerful enemies.

With that in mind, this web here are the 5 biggest moments of this week’s episode:

5.) Littlefinger to the rescue?: Littlefinger is a master of manipulation and this week, viagra sale he used that power for Sansa Stark. Littlefinger convinced the naive Robin Arryn to take up arms to protect his cousin Sansa from Ramsay Bolton, the psychotic new leader of Winterfell.

Of course, Littlefinger was the one who opted to marry Sansa off to Ramsay (a tragic decision, to say the least) and now that he realizes the Bolton’s inhumanity, he’s reversed course. He knows now that Sansa has escaped Winterfell and wants Arryn’s army to help protect her against Bolton’s rage.

4.)  Margaery Tyrell meets with Loras Tyrell: We haven’t seen Loras in quite a while so this moment was always going to be a big one. Margaery, a fellow prisoner of the High Sparrow, finally had the opportunity to visit with her brother in his secluded prison cell.

Instead of finding support from him, she only found pain. While Margaery is thinking beyond the walls, Loras seems willing to give up. It was a heartbreaking moment and one that will likely help fuel Margaery’s fury if she ever finds a way to escape.

3.) Cersei aligns with Olenna Tyrell: Two unlikely allies came together in this episode. With Queen Margaery still in chains with her brother Loras, Cersei found an opening to align with Tyrell matriach Olenna. Both of them want the Tyrells out of prison and Cersei wants fierce revenge against the High Sparrow, a man who forced her to walk through the streets naked as penance for her sins.

Cersei has now enlisted the help of Tyrell’s armies to rise up against the Faith Militant, the religious organization that the High Sparrow leads.

2.) Daenerys Targaryen takes control: In the episode’s final moments, Daenerys met with nearly a dozen Khals, who were planning to decide her fate. Instead of cowering in front of them though, she faced off against them and valiantly burnt down the building where the meeting was taking place.

The results: The Mother of Dragons emerged naked and unscathed while all of the Khals who stood against her burnt to death in the flames. The crowd of thousands who witnessed Daenerys’ rise out of the fire quickly bowed to their new leader.

1.) Jon Snow and Sansa Stark’s Reunion: In one of the show’s happiest moments, Jon Snow– the bastard son of Ned Stark– reunited with his sister Sansa Stark at the wall. After five years of being apart, this long-awaited moment showcased their mutual affection for one another

After catching up on things, the best moment might have been when Sansa asks Jon (who is leaving the Night’s Watch), “Where will you go?” His response: “Where will we go?”

Yes, it looks like the duo will be teaming up to take back Winterfell now that they realize that their little brother Rickon is now being held captive by the sadistic Ramsay Bolton.

Check out the trailer for the next episode below: