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Chronicles of an Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted in: General  |  By: John Hanlon  |  August 29th, 2014

Thanks to Cortney O’Brien for nominating me for the ice bucket challenge. Unfortunately with my mother filming, ask the ice bucket pouring proved more challenging than expected.

Here’s a look at all of my attempts at the challenge.

At first, sales my challenge proved successful except for one thing: my mother only turned on the camera AFTER I had poured ice water on myself. Check out the first video where my mother describes the video as “perfect” before we realized she forgot to hit record.

In the second video, I showed my mother what the timer looked like on my phone (the clock that never turned on during the first time she attempted to tape me).

Okay. So we went to attempt number 3, which we made into a practice so that we could make sure that my mother practiced taping the event. As you can see, my head is missing as the filming begins and then she begins laughing (note the strange camera work).

On to attempt number 4. In this one, I could see that my mother was laughing and that the camera was bouncing up and down so I stopped taping midway through..

And finally attempt number 5! A success in which I nominated Lana Cucchiella, Janelle McGowan-Sylvan, Jite Onos and my mother Bonnie Hanlon to do the ice bucket challenge.

With that in mind, we decided to practice my mother completing the ice bucket challenge…

And then, we went live with the taping. At first, my mother thought the ice bucket challenge meant “washing her hair gently” until my father– after 35 years of marriage– corrected her. See below. By the way, the audio is a little off but she challenged Sandra Wallmann, Patty Grimm and Bobby Hanlon to complete the challenge next.