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Everything Sucks Review

Everything Sucks

The Netflix show Stranger Things brought audiences back to the 1980s. The program’s nostalgic affection for the decade of Ghostbusters and The Goonies was obvious as the program lovingly paid tribute to so many cultural experiences from the time. Everything Sucks strives...

9-1-1 Review


For those looking for a traditional show about rescue personnel, Fox’s drama 9-1-1 isn’t for you. This program strives to be unconventional and unique and for most of the time, it succeeds admirably. Created by Ryan Murphy, Tim Minear and Brad Falchuk, the thrilling program...

The Resident Review

The Resident

There are a lot of hospital shows on television today so it’s oftentimes hard for new ones to stand out. The new Fox drama The Resident tries to alleviate that issue by focusing specifically on one arrogant resident, who is beloved by patients but difficult to work with. Matt...

The Flash Season 4 Review

The Flash: Season 4

When last we saw Barry Allen in The Flash winter finale, his world had shattered. After marrying the love of his life, Allen was forced behind bars as a murder suspect. The show had given the lead character everything he had imagined, only to take it away in a cliffhanger that...

Grown-ish Review


Since premiering on ABC in 2014, Black-ish has been a breakout comedy hit .Resonating with critics and audiences alike, the show has carefully balanced finding comedy within the fictional Johnson family with its unique political perspective. With that in mind, it’s no surprise...

Good Place Season 2 Review

The Good Place

There are few shows as willing to reinvent themselves as NBC’s The Good Place. The comedy premiered in 2017 and originally focused on a selfish woman accidentally sent to the good place after her untimely demise. The show earned critical acclaim for its hilarious characters...

Teen Wolf Final Season

Teen Wolf

In the final ten episodes of the MTV drama Teen Wolf, the main characters face off against their ultimate enemy: fear. It’s fear that the newest monster brings to the community. It’s also fear that longtime hunter Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) uses in his latest battle...