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Spectre Review

Spectre | Film Review

In the last few years, thumb there have been dozens of films that speak to the dangers of living in a surveillance state. From Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Good Kill (which addressed the ethics of drone strikes), the topic of spying —...

November Man Poster

The November Man | Film Review

“You can be a human or a killer of humans but you can’t be both.” So states the title character in the new thriller The November Man starring Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan seems to want to return to his James Bond days here as he stars as an...

November Man Revised Poster

November Man Free Screening! | Blog

This week, what is ed JohnHanlonReviews is offering up free passes to an advance screening of The November Man starring Pierce Brosnan. Directed by Roger Donaldson (Species, health Dante’s Peak), sildenafil the action film pits Brosnan...

Johnny English Reborn | Film Review

In Johnny English Reborn, help Rowan Atkinson stars as a secret agent with a dash of Mike Myers’ ’60s-era hero Austin Powers. Like Powers, English is an awkward secret agent trying to prevent a supervillian from completing a dastardly...