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Hostiles Review

Hostiles | Film Review

The new Western Hostiles begins with an unshakably violent event. A small family is attacked and brutalized by a group of Native Americans. There’s no justification for the violence. Only bloodshed. There’s no moral ambiguity in that sequence...

The Big Short Photo

Trailer Talk: ‘The Big Short’ | Blog

The first trailer for the new drama The Big Short shows a savvy businessman predicting the economic crisis of 2008 to his naive co-workers. The film, prescription which is based on the book by Moneyball author Michael Lewis, this is likely to get...

Dark Knight Rises: TICKETS ON SALE NOW | Blog

A little over 38 days to go until the final chapter of the Christopher Nolan Batman series arrives in theaters and tickets are now on sale! Don’t get sold out! Buy advance tickets to The Dark Knight Rises today. The movie opens nationwide...