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10 Great Political Speeches in Movies

10 Great Political Speeches in Movies | Blog

In honor of both the Democratic and the Republican political conventions, we take a look at 10 great political movie speeches. In preparation for Donald Trump’s acceptance speech tonight at the Republican National Convention and the...

10 Memorable TV Character Exits

10 Memorable TV Character Exits | Blog

Tonight, after thirteen years and 305 episodes on the show NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, actor Michael Weatherly will be leaving the show. Weatherly was one of the show’s main stars but no one knows how his exit will be written...

5 Great Family-Friendly Shows

5 great family-friendly shows you should be watching | Blog

It’s not easy to find family-friend fare on television today. With so many procedurals about crime on television, sometimes it feels like shows that the whole family can watch are a rare breed. Fortunately though, there are still some strong...