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Thunder Road Review

Thunder Road

Release Date: October 12th, 2018

In 2016, director Jim Cummings’ Thunder Road won the short film grand jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival. That film, which focused on one man’s eulogy of his mother, was the beginning of something great and now Cummings has expanded his story into a narrative...

A Star is Born Review

A Star is Born

Release Date:

It’s hard to go into A Star is Born with few expectations. After all, this is a cinematic remake with two well-known stars leading the cast. Earlier versions of this story include the 1937 adaptation starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, the 1954 version featuring Judy...

Smallfoot Review


Release Date:

Smallfoot, the new animated movie, offers a glimpse into a unique world of Yetis, fanciful stones and even the morning ritual of a ringing of a gong. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. The feature has its own identity but the concepts contained in it are...

The Nun Review

The Nun

Release Date:

Released in 2013, the original Conjuring film successfully launched a franchise of horror films. Not only did the film spawn a sequel, it also set the stage for Annabelle (2014), a spin-off film focused on a possessed doll that merited a prequel. The Nun, the latest...

Game Night Review

Game Night

Release Date: February 23rd, 2018

“I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie of good friends competing in games of chance and skill,” so states Gary (Jesse Plemons), the oft-ignored neighbor in the new comedy Game Night. The competition at the heart of this new film isn’t a traditional board game though....

Mission Impossible Fallout Review

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Release Date: July 27th, 2018

Mission Impossible: Fallout is the type of film that invites viewers into the action. From an epic skydiving scene to a helicopter chase, the camera focuses in on its main actors — especially Tom Cruise — as they complete incredible stunts right in front of us. Cruise...

Solo A Star Wars Story Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Release Date:

Han Solo is one of the most unique characters in the Star Wars universe. As his last name implies, he’s a loner who plays by his own rules and follows his own instincts. Unlike the previous series standalone Rogue One (which focused on the mission to steal the Death Star...