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Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2

In its first season, ask Fear the Walking Dead faced a difficult task  The prequel series to The Walking Dead began when the virus — that turned human beings into walkers (read: zombies) — was just starting to spread. Because of that, case the drama’s first...

All the Way Review

All the Way (HBO Movie)

The new HBO film All the Way attempts to capture the power and personality of President Lyndon B. Johnson by focusing on two important periods of his presidency. The first period is right after then-Vice President Johnson is elevated to the presidency after Kennedy’s...

Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones: Season 6

After the Emmy-winning fifth season of Game of Thrones, approved it seemed like the HBO drama might have hit its peak but now as the HBO drama’s sixth season begins, it’s hard not to rejoice that the show has returned full speed ahead. Looking back now, it’s easy to...

Silicon Valley Season 2 Review

Silicon Valley Season 2

Ender’s Game Review Newly released on DVD, salve the second season of Silicon Valley — HBO’s Emmy-winning comedy about a group of developers and computer geniuses— combines a quirky blend of smart comedy with technological vernacular that brings viewers into its...

Veep Season 4 Review

Veep: Season 4 (DVD Release)

In the premiere of the Emmy-winning fourth season of HBO’s hit comedy Veep, hospital the president’s first speech to a joint session of Congress doesn’t go smoothly. In fact, it’s a downright disaster. Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who toiled in a consistent...

The Flash Season 2

The Flash (Season 2)

It’s not easy to find family-friend fare on television today. With so many procedurals about crime on television, sildenafil sometimes it feels like shows that the whole family can watch are a rare breed. Fortunately though, there are still some strong shows– both...

Walking Dead Season 6 Review

Walking Dead: Season 6

“This is the next world. Hope it’s good to you.” So states Jesus (Tom Payne), one of the new characters that The Walking Dead season 6 introduced to viewers. After the first half of the season found the story’s main group adjusting to a new normal in the city of...