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Snowden Review Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Snowden

Snowden | Film Review

Oliver Stone’s new drama Snowden tells the true but admittedly biased story of the controversial NSA employee Edward Snowden, order who leaked thousands of secure documents about our nation’s surveillance programs to the press. It is...

Star Trek Beyond Review

Star Trek Beyond | Film Review

Star Trek Beyond is the 13th feature in this franchise’s history. Find out if it measures up below. Star Trek Beyond opens with a sense of ennui. Even the enthusiastic Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) feels tired and bored of his life in space. In a...

Snowden First Trailer

“Snowden” Trailer: Oliver Stone takes on controversial story | Blog

The first look at Oliver Stone’s new drama Snowden has finally arrived. Pushed back from its original December 2015 release date, cheap the film is set to arrive in theaters nationwide on September 16th. Directed and co-written by Oliver...

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

Star Trek Into Darkness | Film Review

J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek (2009) brought the beloved characters back to the big screen, where they delighted fans and critics alike. With its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, a better villain emerges but is accompanied by an unmistakable...

Star Trek Into Darkness Photo