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War for the Planet of the Apes Review

War for the Planet of the Apes | Film Review

The idea of re-imagining the Planet of the Apes series a few years ago seemed like a strange one. After the original five films (released from 1968 until 1973), two short-lived television programs, and a 2001 reboot, it seemed like the long-running...

Now you See Me 2 Review

Now you See Me 2 | Film Review

Now you See Me 2 has a few fun elements but they are unfortunately overshadowed by a superficial story. The Four Horsemen — magicians who use their undeniable talents to right wrongs and uncover wealthy crooks — return to the spotlight in the...

The Hunger Games | Film Review

The new film The Hunger Games opens up with “the treaty of treason. This treaty– between the Capitol and the twelve districts in a post-apocalyptic North America– establishes the creation of the hunger games. In these games, two...