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Ben-Hur Box Office

Why Hollywood shouldn’t start writing off religious films after ‘Ben-Hur’ | Blog

The Ben-Hur box office numbers were disappointing but that doesn’t mean Hollywood should start writing off religious movies. Ben-Hur, case the latest Hollywood feature to embrace religion, sale had a difficult opening weekend at the box...

Must-See Faith-Based Films

5 Must-See Faith-Based Films from the past 12 years | Blog

Since the amazing success of The Passion of the Christ in 2004, order Hollywood has become more open to offering faith-based features. This weekend, physician for instance, ailment the sequel to the surprise commercial hit God’s Not Dead...

War Room Movie Poster

War Room | Film Review

In the rundown of the year’s biggest winners and losers, it’s easy to find selections in both categories. Jurassic World— which pleased critics and broke box office records— was one of the year’s biggest winners while the Fantastic Four...

War Room Poster

Box Office Report: Religious film opens strong but ‘Compton’ wins again | Blog

This past weekend, healing Zac Efron, Owen Wilson and a prayerful cast duked it out at the box office. Despite the odds, the prayerful cast beat the other two new theatrical releases and opened at number 2 at the box office behind only Straight...