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Oscar Winners 2016

Oscar Winners 2016 | Blog

The names in bold were the winners of this year’s Academy Awards. Best motion picture of the year “The Big Short” “Bridge of Spies” “Brooklyn” “Mad Max: Fury Road” “The...

The Revenant Movie Photo

The 10 Best Movies of 2015 | Blog

Overall, 2015 was a great year at the movies with a lot of great films arriving (including big budget fare like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World). There were plenty of box office failures as well (like financial flops like Fantastic...

The Revenant Review

The Revenant | Film Review

“As long as you can still grab a breathe, cheapest you fight.” That is the unmistakable and undeniable mantra of Hugh Glass, the tough frontiersman at the center of the new drama The Revenant. Played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Glass is a guide in...