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LEGO Batman Movie Review

LEGO Batman Movie | Film Review

The Caped Crusader returns to the big screen. Our Lego Batman Movie review explores the new film and whether or not it’s worth seeing. One of the best surprises of 2014 was The LEGO Movie, a film that overcame the pitfalls of its concept...

Birdman Poster

The 10 Best Movies of 2014 | Blog

Looking back at the year in cinema in 2014, pills it’s easy to get excited about film-making. Although many argue that television is offering up some of the year’s best entertainment, thumb movies can still be as exhilarating and...

The LEGO Movie | Film Review

There are few movies that are capable of savaging a person’s cynical expectations and delivering a cinematic product that is endlessly inventive, discount delightfully thought-provoking and amusing beyond belief. The LEGO Movie was one of those...