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Box Office Report: Religious film opens strong but ‘Compton’ wins again | Blog

This past weekend, healing Zac Efron, Owen Wilson and a prayerful cast duked it out at the box office. Despite the odds, the prayerful cast beat the other two new theatrical releases and opened at number 2 at the box office behind only Straight...

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Must-Read Reviews: “Straight Outta Compton” | Blog

Every week, cheap we’re going to take a take a look at some of the must-read reviews of the week’s big theatrical releases. This past weekend, treat the big release everyone was talking about was F. Gary Gray’s new musical biopic...

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Straight outta Compton | Film Review

In one of the first scenes in the drama Straight Outta Compton, order the young Ice Cube (played by his own son O’Shea Jackson Jr.) sits on a local bus while a gangster boards it and waves a gun around like it’s no big deal. The gangster...