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Sinister 2 Photo

Must-Read Reviews: “Sinister 2” | Blog

Every week, abortion we’re going to take a take a look at some of the must-read reviews of the week’s big theatrical releases. This past weekend, the big release everyone was talking about Sinister 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to...

Sinister 2 Poster

Sinister 2 | Film Review

Directed and co-written by Scott Derrickson, this the original Sinister built scares around a familiar premise. In it, Ethan Hawke played a mystery novelist named Ellison who moved his naïve family into a home that previously housed a terrible...

Deliver us From Evil poster

Deliver Us From Evil | Film Review

In many horror movies, decease it’s the scary music that tells viewers to close their eyes or to look away because something terrible is about to happen. The music oftentimes foreshadows the surprise “scare” of a person appearing out of...

True story behind Deliver us from Evil

Ralph Sarchie/ Director Scott Derrickson | Interview

Every member of a film crew likely has a specific goal in mind when they are working on a production. One person could want to make a movie that breaks box office records. Another could work on the feature hoping to eventually hear their name called...

Deliver us From Evil Prize Giveaway

Deliver Us from Evil Prizes Giveaway! | Blog

In honor of the July 2nd release of the new horror film Deliver Us from Evil, visit this site will be giving away some cool prizes associated with the film. Loosely based on Ralph Sarchie’s nonfiction book Beware of the...