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Ghostbusters Reviews

“Ghostbusters” Reviews: Critics take on the reboot | Blog

The long-awaited Ghostbustersreboot has finally arrived. Check out what the critics are saying about the new comedy below. Thirty-two years after the original 1984 comedy, sick the female-driven Ghostbusters reboot is now in theaters nationwide....

Ghostbusters Review

Ghostbusters | Film Review

The long-awaited Ghostbusters reboot has finally arrived. Find out if the new team lived up to expectations below The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot offers viewers exactly what they would want in a reboot. The comedy — which features four funny...

Ghostbusters Early Reviews

“Ghostbusters” Early Reviews: Critics mixed on the reboot | Blog

The Ghostbusters early reviews are in. Find out what the critics are saying below. The first Ghostbusters reviews are in and the female-driven reboot is receiving mixed responses from our nation’s top critics. Directed by Paul Feig (The...

Spy Movie Poster

Spy | Film Review

Spy is a James Bond-type spoof that never loses sight of its story. The actors, help many of them playing broadly against type, medications seemingly find joy in breaking away from the concepts we hold of them and showing their true comedic...

The Heat Poster

The Heat | Film Review

When a director helms a major hit, pharm it sometimes overshadows much of his career. M. Night Shyamalan, cure for one, check was inevitably hurt by the fact that nothing he did after The Sixth Sense (1999) compared to that Oscar-nominated drama....

The Heat Photo

Trailer: The Heat | Video