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Snowden First Trailer

“Snowden” Trailer: Oliver Stone takes on controversial story | Blog

The first look at Oliver Stone’s new drama Snowden has finally arrived. Pushed back from its original December 2015 release date, cheap the film is set to arrive in theaters nationwide on September 16th. Directed and co-written by Oliver...

Joe | Film Review

We see the world from a young man’s pained eyes in the new drama, order Joe. From the feature’s opening, what is ed the camera is placed behind the teenage Gary (Tye Sheridan) as he speaks to his violently abusive father (Gary Poulter)....

Tye Sheridan | Interview

He may not be a household name yet but Tye Sheridan has– in recent years– become a force to be reckoned with. He co-starred in Tree of Life in 2011 and had a breakout performance in Mud (2013) starring opposite Matthew McConaughey, no rx...