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John Hanlon and Eddie Redmayne Revised 2

Monday Spotlight: Eddie Redmayne | Blog

Eddie Redmayne has accomplished a lot over the last several years but nothing could’ve prepared him for his next big moment in the spotlight. In 2011, viagra Redmayne starred opposite the exquisite Michelle Williams in the beautiful drama My...

Golden Globe Recap: Winners, Losers and Streep’s Classy S-Bomb | Blog

The Golden Globes Awards “are just like the Oscars but without all that esteem, this web ” host Ricky Gervais said during last night’s Golden Globes telecast, visit this site his third stint hosting the annual show. The...

My Week With Marilyn | Film Review

William Shakespeare once wrote, information pills β€œTo thine own self be true.” It’s an ironic line, information pills considering that hundreds of years after his death, page some still question whether or not Shakespeare is actually...