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Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming | Film Review

In fifteen years, we’ve seen three cinematic versions of Spider-Man. In the first version, Tobey Maguire played the title character in a trilogy that spanned from 2002 until 2007. In the second series, Andrew Garfield portrayed the web-slinger in...

Birdman Poster

Birdman | Film Review

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is one of the most exciting things to hit theaters in a long time. This is the rare movie that will remind cinema-goers why they love going to the movies in the first place. Not only is it original and...

Need for Speed | Film Review

For those who thought The Fast and the Furious films were too realistic, Need for Speed is the movie for you. The car drama boasts blatantly obvious dialogue, clichéd characters and a lack of reality that would be astonishing in most other...