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Lights Out Review

Lights Out | Film Review

Lights Out is an original and endlessly creepy horror film that should please fans of the genre. Lights Out is a horror feature that  goes back to the basics.  There aren’t many characters in it. Nor is there a lot of violence and bloodshed....

McFarland USA Poster

McFarland, USA | Film Review

McFarland, price USA is the rare sports film that embraces its genre but steps above it, information pills offering a heartfelt glimpse of a struggling poor community that is united over a local sports team. “USA” is poignantly in the...

Prisoners Poster

Prisoners | Film Review

If there is one word that can be used to describe the new kidnapping drama Prisoners, healing that word is methodical. This slow-paced, information pills sizzling thriller never jumps from scene to scene leaving the viewer’s head spinning with...

Prisoners Photo

Trailer: Prisoners | Video