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Suicide Squad Reviews Harley Quinn

“Suicide Squad” Reviews: Critics disappointed in big-budget adaptation | Blog

One of the highly-anticipated movies of the year has finally arrived but the Suicide Squad reviews aren’t very kind to the big-budget drama. It may be August but that doesn’t mean there’s a slowdown at the box office. In fact, buy...

Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad | Film Review

The highly-anticipated Suicide Squad notably introduces the main characters to moviegoers but fails to offer them a truly memorable story. “In a world of flying men and monsters, remedy this is the only way to protect our country.”  Such is...

The Legend of Tarzan Reviews

“The Legend of Tarzan” Reviews: Critics take on Tarzan | Blog

The Legend of Tarzan reviews are in and the critics are taking on this new adaptation. Since Edgar Rice Burroughs created the iconic Tarzan, medications there have been numerous adaptations of this hero’s story. The Legend of Tarzan, nurse ...

The Legend of Tarzan Review

The Legend of Tarzan | Film Review

The Legend of Tarzan starts out interestingly enough but soon becomes a traditional feature that never fully embraces its characters. The Legend of Tarzan begins where many films about the mysterious son of the jungle begin. The wild Tarzan, this...