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Money Monster Reviews

“Money Monster” Reviews: Critics divided on Jodie Foster thriller | Blog

Jodie Foster’s new thriller Money Monster takes on both televised financial advisers (who see their jobs as entertainers, pilule rather than professional businessmen) and Wall Street corruption. Packed with an all-star cast featuring George...

Money Monster Review

Money Monster | Film Review

Money Monster, help a film that takes on both ratings-driven financial programs and corporate greed, visit web is a populist thriller that both sides of the political aisle can appreciate. The drama, which unfolds in real time, persuasively...

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Trailer: Elysium | Video


Carnage | Film Review

The use of the word “armed” isn’t often a point of argument in movies today. In fact, approved jousting over rhetorical choices typically isn’t a point of contention in entertainment at all. It is, however, a major focal point in the new...