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Now you See Me 2 Review

Now you See Me 2 | Film Review

Now you See Me 2 has a few fun elements but they are unfortunately overshadowed by a superficial story. The Four Horsemen — magicians who use their undeniable talents to right wrongs and uncover wealthy crooks — return to the spotlight in the...

Batman v Superman Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Film Review

There’s a modicum of depth in the new superhero drama, viagra approved  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unfortunately, buy information pills it’s buried underneath a grim façade and an unrepentant reliance on fight scenes. In the...

Jesse Eisenberg | Interview

In the new film Now You See Me, buy information pills Jesse Eisenberg stars as a tightly-wound magician whose performances with three colleagues earns him nationwide attention and notoriety. Eisenberg, who previously earned an Oscar nod for his...