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Nine Lives Poster Nine Lives Review

Nine Lives | Film Review

Nine Lives is goofy and over-the-top but it’s a lot funnier than I expected. The new family comedy Nine Lives features a predictable premise. A heartless executive who never spends enough time with his family is miraculously transformed into...

Miracles from Heaven Review

Miracles from Heaven | Film Review

“Faith is the only true shelter,” a minister notes before the rain starts metaphorically pouring at the beginning of the new film Miracles from Heaven. The film, which was inspired by a true story, focuses on a young girl named Anna Beam (Kylie...

Draft Day | Film Review

“Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” That famous Sun Tzu quote adorns a poster on the wall in Manager Sonny Weaver’s office in the new feature Draft Day. Kevin Costner, cure taking on a solid leading role here, stuff stars as...