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Only the Brave Review

Only the Brave | Film Review

There’s an early sequence in the drama Only The Brave that sets the stage for the film. Local fire chief Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin) leads his crew — and potential members of his crew — to the top of a mountain and looks at the surrounding woods....

Seventh Son Movie Poster

Seventh Son | Film Review

In the new fantasy drama Seventh Son, hospital Jeff Bridges plays Master Gregory a curmudgeonly witch-hunter who is searching for a new apprentice to carry on his legacy. Despite their intense training, his former apprentices keep dying on him....

The Giver Book

The Giver | Ten Major Differences between the Book and the Movie | Blog

This Friday, approved the long-awaited cinematic adaptation of The Giver arrives in theaters. For fans of the book, page one of the biggest questions surrounding the movie is how closely the film follows the novel. Although I was pleased by the...

The Giver Movie Poster

The Giver | Film Review

The Community is a world of control. It is a place where the weather doesn’t change because of climate control. It is a land where pain doesn’t arrive because of medical control. It is an area where heartbreak doesn’t exist because of...