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The Angry Birds Movie Review

The Angry Birds Movie | Film Review

The Angry Birds Movie starts out with potential but eventually devolves into one of the most obnoxious movies of the year. The beginning of The Angry Birds Movie is the best part of the film. It’s here when the audience doesn’t realize what’s...

Mother's Day Review

Mother's Day | Film Review

The new comedy Mother’s Day presents itself as a prepackaged and simplistic tribute to mothers everywhere. It’s the third in a series of director Garry Marshall’s star-studded comedies about holidays. Each of the previous films —...

Race Review

Race | Film Review

How to be Single Review It would be hard to manufacture a noteworthy biopic of Jesse Owens. Owens was a remarkable athlete who managed to succeed in a nation that was often blinded by race and he managed to win Olympic gold in a nation that was...

Horrible Bosses 2 Poster

Horrible Bosses 2 | Film Review

The original Horrible Bosses, troche which I noted was “mediocre at best, pill ” was driven by its concept. In the 2011 comedy, visit this the three main characters (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) were so fed up with their...