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Interview Michael Weber Paul Scheer The Disaster Artist

Paul Scheer and Screenwriter Michael H. Weber discuss "The Disaster Artist" | Interview

In a 2011 episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made, comedian Paul Scheer noted that The Room (2003) – which is widely-viewed as one of the worst movies ever made — deserved its own unique standing. He said, “There are so many movies that...

Child of God Poster

Child of God | Film Review

“He was of German and Irish blood. A child of God. Much like yourself perhaps, look ” notes a narrator at the beginning of the new James Franco drama Child of God regarding the title character. Aside from the fact that the main character here...

The Interview Trailer
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Veronica Mars | Film Review

There are a lot of in-jokes in the new mystery drama, click Veronica Mars.  Seven years after the three-season television show of the same name ended, this web many of the characters return in this feature-length film–which will likely be...

This is the End Poster

This is the End | Film Review

When a group of well-known celebrities collaborate on a film, diagnosis the results can be catastrophic. In Movie 43 (2013), we saw a dozen A-list actors embarrass themselves in a series of disparate and disgusting video segments. Likewise, in New...

This is the End Photo

Oz the Great and Powerful | Film Review

1939 is remembered as one of the greatest years in cinematic history. That year, classics like Gone with The Wind,Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and The Wizard of Oz graced the big screen. 2013, like so many years before it, is likely to pale in...