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Skyscraper Review

Skyscraper | Film Review

Dwayne Johnson has a knack for choosing big-budget action films with an emotional core to them. In the Fast and the Furious series (which he joined in the fifth installment), there’s an emphasis on family. In this year’s Rampage, there’s a...

Fate of the Furious Review

Fate of the Furious | Film Review

It’s been two years since Furious 7 rolled into theaters and the gang has returned for another revved-up adventure in The Fate and the Furious, the series’ 8th entry. The biggest question surrounding this latest installment revolves around the...

Central Intelligence Review

Central Intelligence | Film Review

Dwayne Johnson earns big laughs in the humorous Central Intelligence. Central Intelligence is an unexpectedly satisfying comedy that takes full advantage of its two strong leads. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart co-star here but instead of playing...

San Andreas Movie Poster

San Andreas | Film Review

Several weeks ago, cialis 40mg I traveled to Rome on vacation with my sister and a few friends. During the course of our week-long trip, this we had the opportunity to visit a variety of historical sites, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon...

Furious 7 Poster

Furious 7 | Film Review

There’s something beautifully innocent about Fast Seven. Much like many of its predecessors, its themes about family are obviously stated but here, those lines hit harder considering that this film marks the final onscreen appearance of Paul...

Hercules Giveaway

Win passes to an advance screening of Hercules | Blog

This week, order JohnHanlonReviews is offering up free passes to an advance screening of Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson.  Directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, remedy X-Men: The Last Stand), the epic drama sets Hercules up against a brutal...

Fast and Furious 6 Photo
Pain and Gain Poster

Pain & Gain | Film Review

Pain and Gain is an oddly disconcerting film. At the same time that it mocks the dimness of its leads (and admittedly, visit they are quite dumb), this site it also unabashedly embraces the violence and relentless energy of a typical Michael Bay...

Pain and Gain Photo

Trailer: Pain & Gain | Video


GI Joe Retaliation Poster

G.I. Joe Retaliation | Film Review

The Sapphires Poster For those who grew up with G.I. Joe action figures, stuff G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) seemed like a perfect vehicle for revitalizing the brand and bringing the story to the big screen for a new generation. Such hopes...