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Now you See Me 2 Review

Now you See Me 2 | Film Review

Now you See Me 2 has a few fun elements but they are unfortunately overshadowed by a superficial story. The Four Horsemen — magicians who use their undeniable talents to right wrongs and uncover wealthy crooks — return to the spotlight in the...

Victor Frankenstein Review

Victor Frankenstein | Film Review

Victor Frankenstein marks the first collaboration between two young and exciting actors. One of them is Daniel Radcliffe, there the actor made famous by Harry Potter who has proven himself to be well beyond that one role. The other is James McAvoy,...

Daniel Radcliffe on Tonight Show

Harry Potter can rap? | Blog

If you thought that you knew all there was to know about Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, this web think again. The young actor– whose new film Horns opens up this Friday– appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and showed off...

Kill Your Darlings | Film Review

“I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them, there ” says Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) in the new drama Kill Your Darlings. The film itself is packed with first times for its main character Allen Ginsberg, played by an...