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Dylan Minnette in Don't Breathe Summer Box Office

Low-budget movies won big at the summer box office | Blog

Earlier this summer, an Oscar-nominated actress starred in a film about hunting ghosts. The film was highly-anticipated and earned slightly more than 100 million at the domestic box office. It was considered a huge success. Five weeks later,another...

Central Intelligence Review

Central Intelligence | Film Review

Dwayne Johnson earns big laughs in the humorous Central Intelligence. Central Intelligence is an unexpectedly satisfying comedy that takes full advantage of its two strong leads. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart co-star here but instead of playing...

Movie Preview June 2016

Movie Preview June 2016: 10 Films we can’t wait to see this month | Blog

Looking for something to see at the movies this month? Our movie preview June 2016 edition offers a first look at 10 movies we can’t wait to see. Summer started off with some big blockbusters with Captain America: Civil War and X-Men...