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DC Critics name "La La Land" the best film of 2016

DC Critics name “La La Land” the best picture of 2016 | Blog

DC Critics name La La Land 2016’s best picture. The results are in and the Washington Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) has named La La Land the best picture of 2016. The movie musical also won the awards for best director (Damian...

The Finest Hours Review

The Finest Hours | Film Review

In 2014, find director Craig Gillespie turned an inspiring story about a sports agent coaching young athletes from India into great entertainment with his film Million Dollar Arm. The drama was innocuous and traditional but was built strongly...

Interstellar Poster

Interstellar | Film Review

“The thing’s gotta learn how to adapt, ed Murph, ask like the rest of us.” So states Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), the lead character in the new drama Interstellar, referring to a recently crashed drone he found and promptly loaded onto the...