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In the Heart of the Sea Review

In the Heart of the Sea | Film Review

In the 1995 drama Apollo 13, sales director Ron Howard told the true story of a group of astronauts who were stranded in space after their mission fell apart. The film sought to capture what it was like for those men, who were adrift in space and...

Cavalry Poster

Brendan Gleeson & dir. John Michael McDonagh | Interview

“The road to despair is becoming ever easier, page ” actor Brendan Gleeson (Braveheart, Into the Storm) noted recently during a roundtable interview in Washington D.C. The three-time Golden Globe nominated actor was in the city to promote his...

The Grand Seduction | Film Review

The Grand Seduction is packed with a warmth and charm that cannot be underestimated. Set in the small harbor community of Tickle Head, the film tells the story of a town on the verge of collapse and its last opportunity to change its destiny....