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Terminator Genisys Poster

Terminator Genisys | Film Review

Terminator Genisys could’ve helped reboot the entire franchise. Instead, this web this fifth installment in the long-running series helps undermine it. Director Alan Taylor knows how to continue cinematic stories that other filmmakers have...

Schwarzenegger pranks fans 6.19.2015

Schwarzenegger pranks fans | Blog

To promote a charity entitled After-School All-Stars, prescription former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently donned his Terminator outfit and pranked fans, help even surprising some fans at Madame Tussauds. Check out the...

Sabotage | Film Review

If you think about some of the loudest and most obnoxious people you’ve ever met, cheapest you probably have a good idea of what the main characters in the new film Sabotage are like. The men and the one woman who take center stage here are...