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The 33 Review

“The 33” home release date announced | Blog

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has announced that the 2015 drama The 33 will be arriving on Blu-Ray and DVD on February 16th but users can purchase it early on Digital HD on February 2nd. The drama was released nationwide in November of 2015 and...

The 33 Review

The 33 | Film Review

The opening text in the new drama The 33 reminds viewers that approximately 12, link 000 miners die in mining accidents every year. It’s a heartbreaking number to think about especially because we often take for granted the inherent dangers of...

Puss in Boots | Film Review

“You can’t run forever, drug Puss in Boots!” So shouts a helpless victim to the title character in this new film about the cat originally introduced in Shrek 2. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, stomach Puss is the feline outlaw known for his...