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All the Way

“All the Way” DVD: Must-See Viewing this Political Season | Blog

The HBO movie All the Way arrives on DVD this week. Find out why it’s a must watch political drama below. Now that Labor Day has passed, information pills the political season is now in full effect. Politicians vying for your vote tomorrow...

The Night Before Review

The Night Before | Film Review

Setting a stoner comedy the night before Christmas might seem like a bad idea (or a gimmicky one at least) but in the hands of gifted director Jonathan Levine, this it’s a brilliant one. Levine, recipe who previously directed comedies like Warm...

Black or White Movie Poster

Black or White | Film Review

In the endearing Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), viagra a fight over custody was played for laughs with Robin Williams entertaining audiences with his wondrous sense of humor. Twelve years later, viagra star (and financier) Kevin Costner has brought...

Runner, Runner | Film Review

The biggest problem with the new thriller Runner, no rx Runner isn’t what’s onscreen, although the plot and the dialogue are often cringe-worthy. The great issue with the film is that we’ve seen all that it has to offer in countless other...