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Alice through the Looking Glass Review

Alice through the Looking Glass | Film Review

Alice through the Looking Glass is a dour and disappointing sequel to the colorful 2010 Tim Burton film. The 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland was a fun little surprise. Starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, sickness the...

The Intern Movie Poster

The Intern | Film Review

War Room Movie Poster “I just know there’s a hole in my life and I need to fill it soon, recipe ” states Ben (Robert De Niro), cialis 40mg one of the main characters in the new comedy The Intern. Ben is a seventy-year-old retired widower who...

Dark Knight Rises: TICKETS ON SALE NOW | Blog

A little over 38 days to go until the final chapter of the Christopher Nolan Batman series arrives in theaters and tickets are now on sale! Don’t get sold out! Buy advance tickets to The Dark Knight Rises today. The movie opens nationwide...