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Love the Coopers Review

Love the Coopers | Film Review

For all of its obvious faults (and there are plenty of them), information pills Love the Coopers offers one valuable lesson. When a police officer is advising an unrepentant thief in the film, page he offers this advice: “Try and be the person...

Million Dollar Arm | Film Review

There are two distinct stories in the new baseball drama Million Dollar Arm. The first story is told within the first hour as an unsuccessful sports agent named JB (Jon Hamm) attempts to turn his life around by finding a talented baseball star in...

Trailer: Grudge Match | Video


Grudge Match | Film Review

“That’s okay. I’m 800 years old and I say what I want, side effects ” states trainer Louis ‘Lightning’ Conlon (Alan Arkin) in the new boxing comedy Grudge Match, approved and that philosophy– we’re older so we can do...

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